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Cup Drinker & Feeder Set

Cup Drinker & Feeder Set

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These waterers and feeders overcome many of the common problems associated with the metal or plastic feeders that you regularly see in pet or fodder stores.

We regularly had customers asking us how to prevent a range of problems they were experiencing with their drinkers and feeders (and to be honest, we had the same problems with our chickens). So we decided to make our own!

This set also features a rain cover to keep your feed nice and dry in wet weather. (See full description below for more information)



This set includes:

  • 1 x 1 gallon drinker (approx 20 inches tall) with a single valve-operated cup and rear hooks
  • 1 x Feeder with rain cover and rear hooks (holds approx 6.5lbs of feed and is 20 inches tall) 
  • 2 x ergonomically designed lids
  • 4 x aluminum brackets and screws (for those wanting to fix to a solid wall)

Main Features:

Our drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water. These drinkers incorporate a professional valve operated drinker cup (used by poultry experts) that only allow a small amount of water in the red cup at any one time. When the chickens drink from the red cup and the water level goes down, the valve automatically replenishes the cup. With traditional drinkers, we regularly had to change the water as the chickens had scratched dirt into the drinker. Like us, chickens need a fresh supply of clean water. The drinkers holds approximately 1 gallon of water and are approx 20 inches tall.

Our feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage. We used to have so much grain wasted by chickens who would scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This is a very common thing for chickens to do. The uniquely designed tray that forms part of this feeder, has special divisions which discourages the chickens from 'swiping' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground. Many dollars are saved using this type of feeder. The feeders hold approximately 6.5lbs of feed and are 20 inches tall.

Other features:

These drinkers and feeders are also:

  • UV resistant - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastic ones on the market
  • Rear hooks - these drinkers and feeders simply hook onto the mesh of your coop, making cleaning and filling much easier than hanging drinkers.
  • Slimline, compact design - a big advantage is that these drinkers and feeders take up VERY little room in your coop. If you have a smaller coop, maximizing space is a key concern

Rain Cover:

This drinker and feeder set comes complete with a rain cover for your feeder, to keep your feed dry in wet weather. So if you plan to mount or hang your feeder outside of your coop this is just what you need. 

Mounting to a Solid Wall:

The Royal Rooster drinkers are designed to simply hook onto the mesh of your coop, but can also be hung on a solid wall with the use of some metal brackets. If you plan to position your set inside your coop, 4 aluminum brackets are included FREE of charge which you can mount to your coop wall. The drinker and feeder can then simply hook over these brackets making removal for cleaning or refilling so easy. 


This is what some of our customers have had to say:

  • ...."Great purchase and fast shipping. Everyone loves the new waterers and feeders." Pascal, NV, USA
  • ...."Good feeder. Keeps my hens from spilling feed. Well made. +++++" Neal, VA, USA
  • ...."The delivery was super quick and the chickens love them.." Michelle, South Australia, Australia
  • ...."Why did I wait so long? Outstanding concept. Chickens love it. So easy to use" - Ally, New South Wales, Australia
  • ...."Great product thank you!! My chickens will love these!!!!!" - Sheridan, New South Wales, Australia
  • ...."So good. Such a time saver and product saver. Thank you" - Susan, New South Wales, Australia
  • ...."Chooks were pecking nozzles as waterer being wired into place! great :)" - Robyn, South Australia, Australia
  • ...."Chooks learnt to use it in 1/2 hour. Great item. Fast postage." - Michele, New South Wales, Australia
  • ...."Great purchase and fast shipping. Everyone loves the new waterers and feeders." - Michael, South Australia, Australia

Delivery Time:

These sets are generally dispatched 1-2 days after an order is received. We use either FedEx, UPS or USPS, whichever is the most economical to your area. 

Please note:

Some finer grain mixes are unsuitable to use in these feeders in damp weather, as moisture is absorbed into the feed which affects the flow of the grain into the tray.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Mini Description A very popular drinker and feeder set, includes a rain cover to protect feed.
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Customer Reviews

Happy Chickens Review by Ann Ferguson
I'm just a hobbyist on the chickens but it is fun --chickens are content now that they have royal rooster (Posted on 1/08/2017)
Great System Review by Cherie Cousins
This is a great feeding and watering system. Thank you for your prompt shipment! (Posted on 1/08/2017)
We love this product and so do our chickens Review by Reviewer
We love this product and so do our chickens! It was so simple to assemble--took literally 5 minutes for both. The feeder and waterer hang nicely on a fence or have hardware to hang on a wall. The chickens took to it immediately. With our old waterer, I'd have to clean it out several times a day. This one stays out of poop's way, and always provides fresh, clean water to our chickens. The feeder has a nice overhang that protects the feed from rain, and keeps it dry. we love this product so much, we bought two sets. One for the chicken yard, and one in the coop. (Posted on 1/08/2017)
Love that it frees up space in our temporary coop Review by Amazon Customer
Not for lots of chickens. 5 chickens drink the water halfway per day and its not summertime. Love that it frees up space in our temporary coop, water stays clean and food isn't scratched out and wasted. only 2 chickens can eat from the feeder at a time. I plan to keep these as we are building a 20ft run/coop and will use this temporary coop for chicks which the feeders will be more appropriate for. (Posted on 1/08/2017)
Quick and Easy Review by Reviewer
Easy to assemble and had 2 options for attaching to the coop. Works well to keep feed from being scratched out and contaminated (Posted on 1/08/2017)
What a great purchase. Simple to install and use inside my coop Review by Elizabeth M.
What a great purchase. Simple to install and use inside my chickens coop for the inclement winter weather. We purchased and received the items quickly. They were well packaged. I recommend the purchase of this item to all chicken raisers. (Posted on 1/08/2017)
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