Drinker & Feeder Questions

There is likely something tiny stuck in the valve. A good way to clear it is to put a small amount of water in the water tube and put your arm down inside and lift the silver valve part with your fingers up and down. The blue tongue on the outside will lift as you do this. Then wash out with a hose and it should be good again.

Another method is to unscrew your cup and take the metal pin out of the side and give it a good wash out and re-screw into the bottom of the drinker. Unless the drinker has been dropped and the cup is damaged, these tips should help solve the problem.


The hooks on the back of the drinkers and feeders are designed to hook straight into 1" x 1" hardware cloth. However if you have smaller openings, simply attach your included aluminum brackets to your smaller hardware cloth with wire or zip ties, then the drinkers and feeders can hook onto these brackets.

These stand approx 20" tall. 


The feeder holds approximately 6.5lbs of feed.


Yes, these feeders are suitable for all types of chicken feed. For the looser feeds, it’s particularly important to hang the feeder high enough that the chicken can just peck at the feed but don’t have enough height to scratch the feed out with their beaks or feet!


The drinker holds approximately 1 gallon of water.


If you have a greater number of chickens, more chickens can drink at any one time.


One set should last 4 chickens approximately a week. This varies in hot weather (i.e. need to drink more water) and varies on the volume of kitchen scraps or weeds the chickens also have to eat.


We suggest one set for up to around 6 chickens and greater number of sets for more chickens.


Yes, just go to our spare parts page on the website.


These feeders have been specially designed to reduce the amount of feed wastage. This has the benefit of cost savings in terms of purchasing feed as well as less feed on the ground to attract mice. See our blog article about this topic.


An unexpected benefit in the design of the feeder with the rain cover, is that customers have reported a significant reduction in the amount of feed that is lost to wild birds. Their inability to see the feed from overhead, likely helps with this.


We have found that a clip on water heater that is usually used for reptiles, works very well with our cup style chicken waterers. Clip on with a heat globe in place and the water in the drinker tube and cups will stay water rather than ice!


This is going to depend on the breed of chickens that you have and how tall they are. You want your feeder at neck height for your chickens so they can just walk up to the feeder and peck at the feed without being able to get their feet in there or too much neck movement. 

When you drinker arrives the cups are not attached (to prevent damage in transit) so you will need to screw these cups into the hole/s on the bottom of the waterer tube. Put the tube on the ground and put some overhead pressure on the cups and turn the cups in a clockwise direction. As you screw these in, you're creating a thread on the white plastic and they'll then be watertight. The holes are meant to be slightly smaller than the size of the thread on the cups. No nut is needed once these are screwed in place.  

Unfortunately Royal Rooster's range of chicken coops, cat enclosures, rabbit hutches, bird aviaries and dog runs are only available in Australia due to the very high freight costs to get to the USA and the customisable nature of the orders.