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STOCK UPDATE: Please take note of the 'out of stock' notices on several individual product pages. Most of our stock has now arrived in the US with shipping of approximate 1 week wait time. We thank our customers for their patience in these difficult times. 

Chicken Feeder & Drinker

Feeders with Rain Cover

  • Save $$, reduced wastage
  • Less feed lost to wild birds
  • Works with pellets & grains
  • Duck & Chicken version
  • Holds 6.5 lbs of feed 

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Royal Rooster cup drinkers

Poultry Cup Waterers

  • Valve operated cups
  • Clean water supply
  • Auto replishes cup
  • Quality parts
  • Holds 1 gallon 

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Royal Rooster Duck

Duck Feeders & Waterers

  • Feeder suits wider beaks
  • Cup style waterer 
  • Single or twin cup versions
  • European made cups
  • Reduced mess and wastage

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Royal Rooster drinker and feeder set

Chicken Feeders & Waterers

  • 1 gal. waterer, 6.5lbs feeder
  • Slimline, easy to clean
  • Hooks straight to mesh
  • Free brackets for solid wall
  • Less mess and wastage

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Royal Rooster reviews

Customer & Blog Feedback

  • Made since 2009
  • 1000s of happy customers
  • Read bloggers feedback
  • Customer comments
  • Australian made product

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Buy modern, durable chicken feeders and waterers online in the USA with Royal Rooster

At Royal Rooster, we've taken chook feeders to the next level, with the best drinkers and feeders on the market, with fast and economical shipping, with stock now warehoused in the USA.

Our Australian-made products combine innovative design and quality materials to take the hassle out of caring for your poultry, and ensure they have a regular supply of fresh water and feed.

Independent research has shown that our feeders reduce feed wastage quite significantly, to such an extent that the feeder essentially pays for itself in saved feed costs. No more wasted feed going onto the ground by chickens swiping it out and the sparrows, possums, squirrels etc will have to look elsewhere!

Our customers love having a clean supply of water for their chickens with the valve operated drinker cup style waterer that can even be used in winter with a heat lamp for an all year round water solution.