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Customer Review

...."Great purchase and fast shipping. Everyone loves the new waterers and feeders." Pascal, NV, USA


...."Good feeder. Keeps my hens from spilling feed. Well made. +++++" Neal, VA, USA



... "Great product!!! Highly Recommend to ALL!!!! What are you waiting for? BUY NOW!!" Oscar, Chino Hills, California, USA

..."I LOVE THEM! They are designed well. I worked very hard to build my coop and now I'm just tired and want feeders that work, so for me it was worth the expense. Assembling them and mounting them in my coop took about 30 minutes. I used the brackets included, because the hooks didn't fit my mesh. My 4 week old chickens started drinking immediately, and I was so happy because they have previously not been able to figure out nipple feeders and it's 100F out today." L. Friedman, USA


..."This is a great feeder. I was previously using one of those metal hanging feeders, but the feed would get wet or lumpy and the chickens would try to jump on it, etc. Believe it or not, they finally broke it. So I started looking around. I thought of making one myself....... there are a lot of designs out there. But when I saw this one, it was so thoughtfully designed. The chickens went right to it, no problem. I mounted it on a 4 X 4. I am now ordering more to put on the other sides of the 4 X 4. I am also now looking for a scoop that will pour feed into this feeder without dropping any. I may make that myself if I can't find one." Andy, USA

..."Awesome feeder! Chickens took to it right away and I'm hoping for no more wasted chicken feed." Loreli, USA
























Blogger Reviews


GREENING OF GAVIN - If you're after an independent review of our drinker and feeder sets - go to 'The Greening of Gavin' blog. I know I always like to have someone recommend a product to me. So don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say! (Photos courtesy of Gavin's website). Here is 'part 2' about our chicken drinker and feeder - an update from Gavin about the success of these feeders in keeping away pigeons, sparrows and how these feeders save many $$ in wasted feed.


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LITTLE ECO FOOTPRINTS - Another blogger named Tricia from Little Eco Footprints also also mentioned our drinkers and feeders in her post about Reducing the cost of feeding Chickens. A variation of this article also appeared in the Newcastle Herald newspaper.