Product Reviews

"I absolutely love these feeders! No mess, always dry feed even in sideways rainstorms! The weather changes rapidly here in North America and it's great not having to worry about moving the feed undercover. The chickens love them and took to turn right away. I have recommended these feeders to all my chicken friends. They look stylish and sleek in the run and take up no room at all! Thank you for our wonderful, tough, stylish and affordable feeders Royal Rooster. Five gold stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" Wendy W. Northeast Oregon, USA


Very cool looking feeder and waterer set

"These look awesome installed. They are mounted vertically, which keeps them up off the ground and saves space. They are easy to install with the hardware that is provided and the chicks dig them too. They immediately figured out how to use both the feeder and the waterer. Best of all, no more crumble spilled all over the ground or poop in their water.

We live in a pretty humid area, and have not had any trouble with the chick/grower crumbles clumping up or getting stuck. The little water bowls “magically” fill with fresh, clean water (as shown in the attached picture). They do accumulate a little bit of dirt from the chicks’ beaks over time but the whole thing is super easy to clean. No problems with water leaking.

We’ve had both the feeder and waterer installed for about a month’s time, so cannot comment on longevity but so far, so good. Super pleased with this set, and even bought a second feeder as each only accommodates two chickens at a time.

We are first-time urban, backyard chicken raisers, so we do not have a ton of space. We have to keep the chicks inside their coop/run 24/7, so these are especially great because they are space saving, easy to use, easy to refill, easy to clean, and look fantastic. A huge upgrade for our chicken setup!! They are super fancy, but at the same time, really functional!! Highly recommend this set." IKE, USA


Chicks love them!!

"My lil ladies are 5 weeks old and I just installed these feeders for them. I put their food in and a few dried mealworms to attract them- they went right to it!! I came back a few hours later and they were all enjoying the feeders. Very easy to put together and install. I was waiting to order because they are a little pricey- but they are well worth the extra expense!" S.O., USA